Improvement Uses


Courses and trainings related to personal and group development and improvement.

Assessment Centre

Recruiters can place participants into different roles to see how they adapt to complex situations and how they make difficult decisions, how they confront and how they communicate.

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Development Centre

Organizers can assess any quality or skill that is necessary for performing in the specific job, so the development centres can be essential parts of a company’s talent management strategy.

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Team building

Increase staff collaboration and commitment, understand the importance of communication and convert personal skills into corporate tools and processes.

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Talent development

Using SimTeam you can highlight and assess some of the HR, financial, sales and leadership qualities that might need development or has potential within the participant.

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You can simulate a changing environment where taking risks, being open to opportunities and innovation is inevitable for the participants’ success. An entrepreneurial mindset is a vital requirement to gain a business success both in larger and smaller enterprises

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Start-up education

SimTeam can help you familiarize with topics that are important parts of a start-up business: budgets, market operations, human resource management and leadership qualities.

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