Core Team

Péter Szlávik
Co-owner and Chief Enthusiast

Business development, train-the-trainer, technical use of the platform, theoretical background, templates and case studies, training dynamics, user accounts

György Boda

Theoretical background

Ibolya Bozó
Managing Director

Contracts and invoicing

András Deák

Business idea and development.

Zsuzsanna Tánczos
Support and development manager

Technical use of the platform, templates and case studies, user accounts, system developments, helpdesk & customer support

Eszter Kulcsár
Business development manager

Business development, templates and case studies, user accounts

Balázs Hellinger
Development Supervisor
Gergő Docsa
Customer Service & Content Manager

Helpdesk & customer support, website development, client area contents, technical use of the platform, SimTeam Academy