Academic Backgrounds

At first SimTeam was used as a physical board game with actual cards of projects and employees. Soon we realized that keeping up with the digital world is a great opportunity to take the already great atmosphere and participant experience to a higher level. Soon work began to develop SimTeam as a cloud-based software, and this allowed further improvements in the simulation dynamics.


We have put great emphasis on educational approach during the development of SimTeam. The creators of SimTeam find practice oriented education important, and the main goal was to create a flexible platform which is suitable for teaching management and business studies. Apart from its various application areas the simulation software fits well in university courses, too, extending theoretical backgrounds with a practice oriented dimension. SimTeam was created with the help of university professors and educators.


The Creators

Péter Szlávik
Budapest Business School

Honorary Associate professor at Budapest Business School. His focus areas include business planning, reporting, business modelling, efficiency improvement and business due diligence of investment target companies.

György Boda
Corvinus University of Budapest

Habil. Associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest. He has outstanding experience in management accounting and HR controlling. His focus area is the management of intellectual capital.

Zsolt Matyusz
Corvinus University of Budapest

Assistant professor of Corvinus University of Budapest. His specialization includes: logistics and supply chain management, process management and operations management.