Who Is It For?




Training companies

You can use our platform to easily transfer knowledge in a playful way. It is user-friendly, unique, and provides hard-to-predict situations. It is comprehensive but not complicated. The main focus of the model is less on the numbers and more on business-related soft skills.


Our product is perfect for long-term training as well, because it can be stopped and restarted several times during a longer educational program. The trainer can give additional tasks to the participants. SimTeam can be both a stand-alone training and it can be incorporated into trainings to show participants how decisions influence and determine a company’s fate in different market scenarios.



Academic Institutions

If you are a teacher who believes in the learning-by-doing methodology, SimTeam is perfect for you. Our platform can help your students understand better what theories are about and how they can use them in practice. Nowadays students are always connected to the internet, and technology is a part of their everyday life. They will feel very comfortable with the system.


With SimTeam participants see how theory works in practice, they deepen their business leadership experience in a fun and entertaining way. Our simulation platform makes it much easier and more interesting for them to study business management. Another advantage of our program is the wide range of applicability through different case studies.




Our platform can help HR managers to arrange internal training easily and cost-effectively. You can develop your colleagues’ skills, help them understand cross-functional problems better, and use SimTeam as a team-building program or to develop your leaders’ competencies.


Employees can be tested and/or trained either individually or as a team for how to react, what decisions to make in different market scenarios and situations, therefore the simulation can be ideal for Assessment Centre and Development Centre purposes as well. If you are interested in other ways of using our platform, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can accommodate a wide variety of parameters and scenarios.




With Simteam fresh and unexperienced Start-up leaders can be trained for the real world of business acumen in a risk-free environment. The SimTeam simulation platform suits perfectly the curriculum of entrepreneurship courses with startup focus. Participants practice teamwork, face competition and learn various techniques that will be necessary for the improvement of their skills.