Talent Development


Talent development


Many companies create in-house development programs where they can offer their talented employees learning opportunities, rewarding experiences and challenging assignments for talented employees. Using development programs employees are empowered with tools, resources and knowledge, which they can use to perform at the highest level, and they are provided with guidance from experienced professionals or mentors.


Talent Development


Talent development programmes usually provide opportunity to rotate among functional areas for more experience, to confront emerging problems of various types, and to be assigned with unfamiliar and challenging duties. Talent development and Future leader programmes usually last 1-3 years depending on depth and complexity.


Using the simulation


SimTeam can be used both before, during and after the programme as a supplementary part of these talent development and Future leader programmes. Employers can use SimTeam as a development centre to target focus areas of specific competences, management skills and different soft skill elements like creating and giving presentations.


The training includes


Rewarding experiences

Challenging assignments and risk taking

Rotation of functional areas

Opportunities to learn about each functional area’s difficulties and challenges

Focused topical excercises


Who should attend


Such courses are designed for the participants of corporate talent development and future leader programmes, but some academic programmes can also use SimTeam as a supplementary chapter or an introduction to the specific programme.