Development Centre


Using SimTeam for Development Centres


The training’s results can be used to tailor educational and training programs for the needs and roles of specific employees, as each employee is unique. With the help of SimTeam, you can evaluate the weak spots and, more importantly, the potential strengths of the employees, and create individual development plans for each.

You can use the platform as a follow-up re-evaluation programme at the end of different phases of the development programme. This way you can evaluate the participants’ development progress in certain areas, but SimTeam offers interactive ways to use it as a fun closing stage of a whole development programme, too.


Why is it unique


You can configure SimTeam to simulate lifelike time pressure situations. The simulation can have specified initial conditions. Unlike the other applications, the SimTeam simulation is difficult to predict.

A large number of parameters can be adjusted every time you use the platform. Therefore, participants cannot prepare for its challenges, and the DC can always offer new scenarios.


Focus topics


Cooperation and analytical skills

Communication and language skills

Conflict management and problem solving

Performing under time pressure

Strategic approach, planning skills

Financial skills

Managerial skills


Who should attend


Development programmes are usually attended by employees, whether experienced or newly-hired, who are progressing to new corporate positions, or who take part in talent or leadership development programmes. Participants should be open to critical feedback, as well as to learning new methods and approaches in the development process.