Corporate entrepreneurship


About Corporate Entrepreneurship


The ever-changing economy requires that management must be flexible, adaptable, speedy, innovative and to have an aggressive competitive spirit. In this competitive economic environment the major goal is to discover, obtain and sustain a competitive advantage. An entrepreneurial mindset is a vital requirement for business success both in newly established and large enterprises.


Course objectives


Participants will experience situations where they can understand and practice entrepreneurial approaches. Participants’ (virtual) companies will face changing markets, unexpected circumstances and live competition. They will need to work out innovative answers to these challenges, evaluate risks and co-operate with teammates.


Course objectives


Participants can learn how to see the bigger picture when making important, complex decisions, and they will need the cooperation and input of every functional area of the company. Participants will be forced to think and make decisions for the long run, but they also need to balance short term and long-term goals of the company.


Focus topics


Establishment and development of a start-up enterprise in an ever-changing external environment.

Proactive decision making.

Awareness of a decision’s financial consequences.

Development of long-term competitive advantage on the market.

Recognition of opportunities.

Resource allocation among projects.


Who should attend

  • Managers of larger organisations whose entrepreneurial capabilities need to be developed.
  • Start-up professionals
  • Business schools and university students in management courses that emphasize entrepreneurship.