Crisis Management


Crisis Management Trainings


When a company faces high magnitude of unexpected events, a special form of change management is necessary. Business change is a complex issue and it requires that multiple business functional areas co-operate and make decisions together.


Using SimTeam


During the course participants work on a case study that is focused on crisis management. They need to make decisions quickly and react to market events appropriately. The trainer can select from various case studies, even customize them or build up a unique structure to simulate the desired market conditions and events.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the fundamentals and core concepts of crisis management,
  • Know how to analyse and assess potential risks for the business and how to identify a crisis,
  • Acquire knowledge and tools to handle unexpected threats,
  • Know how to assemble relevant data and information, and make effective, cooperative decisions in a short period of time,

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to handle a key staff member’s departure from the company or the loss of an important client,
  • Know how to make a crisis management plan
  • Know how to adapt to new technologies or trends
  • Know how to prepare for significant changes, and how to manage and contain them.

Who should attend


Business continuity professionals, managers, management teams, entrepreneurs, business owners, risk and crisis management team members.

At business schools and universities: students who attend management courses and need experience in change management or crisis management.