Strategic Management


About strategic management


To develop long-term thinking and an understanding of complex decision making and the strategic importance of cooperation between different corporate functions. Participants can learn how to face complex decisions by seeing the bigger picture, taking into account the needs and contributions of every functional area of the company, thereby fostering cooperation



Strategic management trainings


Key concepts, frameworks and tools of strategy formation

Long term strategic thinking, planning approaches and strategy implementation

Integration of functional areas when making strategic decisions together

Real-life situations, complex decisions


Other focus topics


Industry analysis, developing long-term competitive advantage on the market

Awareness of the financial consequences of decisions

Viewing the company as a whole

Develop the company’s mission and vision. Set the goals and plan the necessary actions to reach that goal.


Simulation dynamics


During the simulation participants will be forced to think and make decisions for the long run, but they also need to balance the short term and long-term goals of the company. Participants will learn about different theoretical frameworks and techniques of strategic management.


Who should attend


Managers who need an insight into the issues of Strategic Management and its application.

Business school or university students with strategic management related courses.

Corporate teams of functional leaders.