Project Portfolio Management


About Project portfolio management


Project portfolio management basically consists of starting the right projects at the right times to match the company’s available resources so that all projects are completed on time. If the project-based organization can identify, categorize, evaluate and prioritize projects and then match them with the necessary resources, they can obtain a competitive advantage


Using SimTeam


SimTeam is well-suited for comprehensive project management education programmes (e.g. IPMA or PMI). Participants can obtain practical experience regarding certain challenges of project management, IPMA competence dimensions can be supported by SimTeam simulation platform. There are some key areas inside the three main types of competence dimensions (technical, contextual and behavioural) where SimTeam has the most relevance.


Learning outcomes


Align projects with strategic goals

Identify, evaluate and prioritize projects

Manage necessary resources and create the suitable resource mix

Monitor and control project portfolios, manage changes

Understand the importance of project controlling


Who should attend


Managers who work for project based organizations, leaders who manage the project selection, project managers, or any individual who want to extend their knowledge in the field of project portfolio management.