Change management


Change management trainings


During the course the participants will explore how the dynamics of effective change management work and how to identify and unlock resistance to change, enabling teams to work together and speeding up the implementation of change programmes. The participants will also practice change related communication.


Focus topics


Preparing for change: change management strategy and process

Managing change: communication, resistance management plan, master plan for change, organisational aspects of change.

Reinformencement of change: diagnosing gaps and managing resistance, planning and implementing corrective change actions



  • The fundamentals of managing change
  • The human side of change
  • The various types of change that affect organisations
  • The process of sustaining change

Who should attend


This course is designed for managers, professionals, team members or consultants who lead or support change as part of their role, and for business school and university students who attend management courses and need experience in change management.