HR Management


About HR management


Human resource management courses usually have two main types. Comprehensive trainings in human resource management include a detailed view on HR management to the training participants. On the other hand, there are also courses to teach only selected aspects of Human Resources, for example trainings focused on HR challenges, recruitment, compensation and motivation, or the effects of HR on corporate efficiency and value creation



HR management trainings


HR and recruitment strategy

Reacting to market trends, employment in a challenging environment

Employee allocation and project quality management

Managing employee performance


Other focus topics


HR development, employee training

Motivation and employee compensation

Co-operation of HR and other functional areas (sales, finance, etc.)

Effects of HR management.


Simulation dynamics


During the simulation participants will be forced to think and make HR-related decisions for the long run, but they also need to balance the short term and long-term goals of the company. Participants will learn about different theoretical frameworks and techniques of HR management, including motivation, development, functional co-operation, allocation and recruitment strategy.


Who should attend


Using the simulation for human resource management related courses is useful for managers and entrepreneurs who want to gain a deeper insight into the processes of hiring, managing, developing and rewarding employees.


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