Financial management


Financial management trainings with SimTeam


The goals of a financial management course with SimTeam would be to obtain an understanding of and the ability to use basic business financial management concepts and tools of analysis such as fundamentals of accounting, financial statement analysis, controlling, planning/forecasting, cash flow/liquidity management, corporate valuation, cost of capital and capital structure.


Learning outcomes

  • Realise why “cash is king”
  • Identify key value drivers to help manage the value of a business
  • Understand different valuation techniques and respective benchmarks
  • Apply basic valuation concept, link financial objectives to strategy

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the basic accounting model, analyse and interpret financial statements
  • Measure a firm’s risk and analyse a firm’s performance
  • Understand the different cost categories, the margin structure and the budget process
  • Forecast a firm’s future operations and financial needs, analyse projects

Focus topics

  • Financial accounting, management accounting
  • Controlling, liquidity management
  • Cash flow analysis, planning and forecasting
  • Analysis of financial reports (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement)
  • Financing and corporate valuation

Who should attend

  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers: not trying to make people into accountants; rather it aims to give business people the tools to understand the numbers in order to help them make better business decisions.
  • Financial course with specific topic(s) (e.g. cash flow management) for any audience that is interested in the topic.
  • Financial course at business school or university for students who have finance related courses and access to computer environments.